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Graham Hancock

Last week I had the opportunity to meet one of my hero's - the one and only, Graham Hancock. He was the featured guest at a Mind Warriors event in LA. Honestly, one of the loveliest human beings I've ever encountered. Hancock is a professional journalist/author, amateur archeologist/anthropologist/historian/scientist/philosopher, and overall bad-ass. Essentially the modern day Indiana Jones, he is famous for his controversial theories and personal explorations pertaining to ancient civilizations, the origin of man, and advanced states of consciousness. If you haven't heard of him before, I highly encourage you to do a bit of research. Dude is LEGIT.

Graham and I


Charles Fréger


Not your average Halloween costumes!

For two years, French photographer Charles Fréger has been traveling throughout Europe, trying to capture the spirit of what he calls “tribal Europe” in his “Wilder Mann” series. What he found was a huge array of pagan rituals, mainly related to the winter solstice and spring renewal, focusing on the common myth of the “wild man.”


Mike Davis

Mike Davis is a modern surrealist painter, musician, and tattoo artist. His work brings back a certain kind of nostalgia for me; evoking old Russian folk art I used to see in childhood books, but with a twist of Dalí. Davis currently lives and works in San Francisco, California


Carl Krull

Carl Krull is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen whose work is, at times, reminiscent of Picasso's later years. His primary method of choice is drawing, but Krull uses paint and various kinds of animation techniques as well. His works below are mostly drawings with heavy line work. I definitely also recommend checking out the rest of his art on his website!

Taylor McKimens

Taylor McKimens is one of my favorite newly discovered artists. I recently stumbled upon his comic, The Drips, which tells two darkly funny stories set in a "colored world of trailer parks, deserts, burnt out technology, and toxic dust." This California native is a true master of juxtaposing his everyday subjects with bright surrealist visions of decay. Click on the images below to really get a sense of his notably bizarre attention to detail.



I worked on the music video "Swing" a few months back and the video finally dropped yesterday. This was for the band Diskoteka Avariya- straight out of my native land, MOTHER RUSSIA!!! Although I had never heard of these guys, my parents were pretty stoked that I was working with them. Oddly enough, I feel as if this validated my time in Hollywood to my parents more than my current job. We spent a week filming in Downtown LA, Palmdale, and Santa Clarita. After that grueling week, I was actually pretty pumped to see the results. And even though the shoot was sponsored by Pepsi and had a completely overblown budget, the special effects still ended up... well, very Russian. But overall it was a great time and I had the opportunity to meet some most excellent people.

Oh, and did I mention I got to trade in my Subaru for the day and take this baby on a joyride down the 101?


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